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Design consultancy

Our design consultancy services are designed to empower you to make the most informed and inspired design decisions. We collaborate closely with you, working hand-in-hand to define your design objectives and aspirations.

From the initial stages of ideation and planning to the final touches of material selection and implementation, we're committed to creating a design that authenticates your vision.

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Design consultancy Service is suitable for:
  • Earnest Designer & Project - Check
    MNCs looking to set up business presence in Singapore.
  • Earnest Designer & Project - Check
    Phased or complex design requirements.
  • Earnest Designer & Project - Check
    Large scale or bespoke high-end projects.
  • Earnest Designer & Project - Check
    Separation of roles between Design and Construction phase.
  • Earnest Designer & Project - Check
    Global image consistency.

Design consultancy with Earnest

Our Work process
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    Determining your office size

    We can help you identify team-specific requirements such as workstations, meeting rooms and server rooms. You can also use our Space Calculator for a detailed space tabulation.

    If you need help finding your office space, we can connect you to our leasing agent partners.

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    Collecting essential information on-site

    An Earnest designer will conduct a site survey — to take detailed measurements and help you obtain As-built Drawings and fit-out guidelines from the building's management.

    After which, we will provide a project timeline.

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    Designing your global image

    Our extensive experience with global companies in a wide variety of trades will allow us to Design an office that is not only functional and aesthetic, but a workspace that connects the people and bring out the Ethos that makes your company unique.

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    What happens during the Tender process?

    We pride ourselves with our attention to details. Our tender drawing with encompass in detail all the requirements and specifications of the office design to ensure that there will be no variation order post award of Tender.

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    Who will evaluate the tender return?

    As an independent consultant, we will evaluate the tender in a fair manner, and provide a report to our client to make the most comprehensive picture of the tender return in order to make the right decision on the Award.

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    How long will the building works take?

    Earnest will be with the project throughout the construction timeframe. Working with the awarded contractor to realise the project in a timely and professional manner.

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    What do i have to look out for when moving in?

    Your Office is completed! And it is time to make a successful business

Choosing between Design consultancy and Design & Build?

Here is a table of the key differences to help you decide between Design consultancy service and Design and Build.

Design consultancy

  • 1. Phased or complex design
  • 2. Large-Scale or Bespoke High-End Projects
  • 3. Separation of Roles
  • 4. Flexibility in Construction Procurement
  • 5. Customised Design Solutions; Global image consistency

Design & Build

  1. 1. Fast-Track Projects
  2. 2. Small to Medium-Scale Projects
  3. 3. Single-Point Responsibility; A One-stop solution
  4. 4. Budget Certainty
  5. 5. Value Engineering
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