About us

We know the value of an inspiring workspace can have on a business. Your workspace is an extension of your business in the eyes of your employees, clients, and potential partners - from an aesthetic and functional perspective, there is immense value in using design to get it right.

At Earnest, we are spatial planning specialists, who can unlock hidden value in your space and deliver on-brand, practice-aligned spaces that support and boost productivity of your team.

Collaborative to the Core

Transformative design happens through engaged dialogue. We listen intently to understand each client's needs and set the stage for their business.

Each project is informed by the client’s vision and values, which is why our portfolio is as diverse as our clientele. Then, we work closely across disciplines, internally and externally, to ensure that each project is delivered smoothly and timely.

Our Design principle

Redefining work spaces & experiences

We're driven by a shared passion for reimagining the ordinary and to craft workplaces that empower individuals and foster environment for success.

Earnest redefines work spaces and experiences
“It made a big difference to work with a team that communicates and functions as one.”
Lim Wei Li, General Manager, Capital Distributors

Why work with Earnest?

  • 17 years of track record - we are confident even with the most challenging projects.
  • Architect-led team - you can ensure feasible, beautiful and technically sound results when you work with us.
  • Meticulous work - we love details, and you cannot stop us from focusing on them.
  • Clarity and Transparency on realistic up-front costs - we hate to be shortchanged too, and we want all parties have a good working experience with us.
Team Earnest

We design dreams and build realities

At Earnest, lead by our experienced Founder and 3 Architects, we handpick a suite of talents to contribute towards successful project execution and high client satisfaction

Each member of our multidisciplinary team is known for their commitment to quality and attention to the smallest of details.

Teo Zi Tong

Business development director

NUS Master of Architecture (M Arch)

Ar. Esther Hiu

Design director

NUS Master of Architecture (M Arch)

Jamie Goh

Business Design Manager

NUS Master of Architecture (M Arch)

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