Heineken Asia Pacific

Heineken Asia Pacific

The new space is “more fun and exciting” and has a stronger brand presence compared to the previous locations, which “were more conventional.” The client also wished to incorporate the company values of Enjoyment, Respect and Passion, which we helped to infuse into the overall design

We kept it fresh and open for this one

The organization has opted for a fresh, open office concept with American diner-style booths to breakout rooms and a bar-style pantry to facilitate different modes of work and interaction. There are even six brand-themed meeting rooms inspired by Heineken’s trademark beer brands, namely: Tiger, Heineken, Bintang, Desperados, Sol and Anchor.

“All the meeting rooms are completely different in look and feel and people can pick and choose where they want to work,”

says Mark Campbell, Heineken’s Regional Corporate Relations Director, adding that the rooms can be used for meetings, casual discussions or even individual work. Some highlights within these themed rooms include a surfboard for a meeting room table and a punching bag as room decor.

Breakout rooms are designed to facilitate brainstorming sessions as well as provide a space for those who need to do private work or make a conference call. With few physical walls, employees also have the option of plugging in headphones to block out surrounding noise disruptions while seated in their open-plan cubicles.

State-of-the-art technology has also been incorporated into the new workspace in the form of a Vpod room, where fully immersive video conferencing and telepresence experiences can be conducted, which reduces the need for air travel.

Some of the biggest defining features within the office can be found near the main entrance: at the reception stands a large Heineken bottle wall display, and the bar-style pantry comes complete with its own draught tap, a bar counter decorated in Heineken bottles, and overhead lamps shaped like bottle screw caps branded after the company’s signature beers.

“We all talk to each other and we see each other all the time [now]. And I think the staff find that refreshing.”

The new office aims to cultivate all the benefits associated with open-plan setups, such as diminished sense of hierarchy, and better communication and staff interaction.

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Heineken Asia Pacific

Earnest's dedication to our projects has earned them unwavering customer satisfaction. Earnest's resourcefulness and attention to details brought the plan from paper to life. We have witnessed first-hand their uncompromising commitment to quality as they goes the extra mile to put in the finer touches. Whether as a project lead or even getting involved with the contractors on site, Earnest has been willing to go the extra mile to get the job done within time and budget.


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