One of the leading brewery groups in the world today, and a dynamic provider of alcoholic beverages with a portfolio of international beer, stout and cider brands.

Designed during early post pandemic, the challenge is to create the office interior design that can be a pull factor to encourage the staff to come back to office after getting used to work from home for quite a long period.

Combining the essence of the brand itself, with a dynamic space planning, flexible configuration and a detail touch of the beer bottles and beer cans, are the strategies that we applied to the office spaces that spread into 2 different levels to ensure the continuity of the overall interior design concept.

The result is a beautiful and functional office that makes the client receive compliments on almost every day.

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Earnest D&P team had a good understanding of our needs and the resulting design of our office testifies to this. The pleasant environment, infused with the acute design sense is indeed top-notch! We commend Earnest D&P and their team for the excellent delivery of this Project. They were quick to respond to our requirements and were helpful in ensuring that our new office would cater to our business needs. We look forward to a continuing relationship with Earnest D&P.


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